Caveman Resurrection

Strategies & Tips for a Primal/Paleo Approach to Enhanced Health

About Me

The Caveman Resurrection blog is devoted to those topics included in the now-famous Caveman Resurrection e-book.  Using that knowledge and from many other sources, it is my deep intent to help others and to decrease the time others have spent achieving a better life.  Spend many years reading, toying with and finding what works for you – or use Caveman Resurrection and avoid that agony.

Unlike other blogs or ideas, CR’s approach is not to say this works for every one.  I’m sure there are a few it may not work for.  But I’d also stipulate that for those it won’t work for, those are the same people who simply don’t want to work hard enough or exert some effort towards.  And for those people, there are any number of magic pills at your local pharmacy someone is only too happy to sell you.  When you run out of money or frustration, you are always welcome back.  Nothing comes easy, but with some effort and dedication, YOU, yes YOU, can improve your life in ways you never thought possible.

The author of this blog is Jeff Pickett, a certified fitness nutrition coach and everyday good guy.  Like most
people, Jeff has had his fair share of weight issues, achievements and failures.  Jeff has been active in nutrition and fitness for more than 15 years, as a client, personal trainer, fitness coach and avid reader.  Jeff has most recently experimented with the Paleo/Primal lifestyle for the past two years and discovered the many benefits including reduced blood pressure, a solution from ITB Syndrome and a solution from chronic sinusitis.  He enjoys shiny new balls, in all shapes and sizes.  But most of all he enjoys helping others.


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