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Spice, Spice Baby

Anyone I know who gravitates to the Primal/Paleo Diet seems to acquire an additional title in quick fashion:  Foodie.  It was when I stopped adding sugar or sweetener to my food that I discovered a new palette of tastes that I never knew existed.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably always deal with having a sweet tooth at some level.  But when sugar was removed from my diet, I seemed to re-discover food.  I re-discovered flavors I’d never given a full chance to.

In a follow-up post, I’ll share my “go to” sites for trying out great recipes, but in the meantime, here is a simple recipe that many others have discovered as a simple formula for making a Primal/Paleo meal.  Ready?

  1. Select the meat of your choice
  2. Rub some coconut oil over the surface
  3. Grab one spice or variety of spices to your liking
  4. Sprinkle the spices on your meat
  5. Cook your meat (crock pot, grill, bbq, etc.)
  6. Add veggies, bacon or more meat to the dish
  7. Serve
To “spice” up this post a bit more, I thought I’d provide you this slick infographic on where our spices come from.  So, for your next meal, remember this post, add some spice and re-discover your food.  And for fun, listen to some Spice Girls while you’re eating.  Or maybe not.

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One thought on “Spice, Spice Baby

  1. So simple! I am a huge fan of simple meals. People enjoy making the excuse that it takes too much money and too much time to cook. They are lying to themselves!

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