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Here’s What Separates You from Success

It’s that intangible part of us that we all strive for.  It’s that one thing we think about on any given day that will make us feel fulfilled.  It’s that choice we make.  We know it can be ours.  But on many occasions, it seems to slip through our fingers like sand.

It’s called Success.

Look back on your life and note the many times you have failed.  Isolate one of those times where you really messed up.  Remember the choice you made – that one choice – and if you had it to do all over again, you could have succeeded.  You remember that one time, right?  I do.  Maybe you had two choices or perhaps you had more.  Did you take the easy road that one time and now you regret it?

We live in a world of choices.  We can choose from millions of songs to buy, places to go and things to do.  We can choose our clothes, our habits and in time, they come to define us.  But, for those who have made poor choices, it’s never too late to change some of those habits and start new ones.  I submit it’s time to eliminate some choices.  Yeah, I’m going there.  Too many choices are what can separate you from success.

I’m quick to point out that I don’t like to overly romanticize the way of the caveman, but considering the lack of choices had many years ago, was that such a bad thing?  They ate to survive.  There was no choice in that.  They lived what some may consider a shallow life.  But I would suggest in a time of no technology, no 9-to-5 job or mortgage, they lived a very deep life that was composed of family and tribal life.  They looked out for each other in hostile times.  They created and worked hard for everything they owned.  Material goods meant something and were of value; there was nothing disposable or easily discarded.  Each day was precious.

When you start your day tomorrow, consider all the choices you have filled your life with.  Make a list.  Then review that list to see what’s REALLY important.  Are all of the choices you make putting you on the path to success or are they keeping you from what you really want?  And when it comes to resurrecting that caveman inside you, that part that knows you need to eat better and work out smarter – what stands in your way there?  What do you allow in your life to stand in your way and to make excuses with?

A favorite quote of mine comes from Yoda:

Do or Do not.  There is no try.

Consider this piece of Star Wars philosophy.  Even if it comes from a science fiction movie, this is a powerful quote.  When you are in your next decision making process and faced with a few choices, keep this phrase in mind.  Whittle it down to the simplistic.  Either you will achieve success by your choices.  Or you will not.  Either you will commit yourself to success.  Or you will not.

When I do my pull-ups routine every other morning, I look at my rep chart and smile at the large numbers I’m scheduled to do.  I close my eyes and see myself doing.  I don’t “try.”  Trying encourages fear to enter the picture.  Wrong choice.  And to borrow from another movie, Point Break, Patrick Swayze’s character says

Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.”

So, let’s break this down to simplistic terms.  Failure arises when you allow too many choices in your life.  Excuses enter the picture.  Push the unimportant choices out of your life and put yourself into a win/no-win situation.  Commit to the outcome.  Succeed.


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