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Coffee is Paleo, Right?

Coffee is Paleo.  Coffee is good.  Coffee is righteous.

Bacon is Paleo (mostly).  Bacon is good.  Bacon is righteous.Image

Does that mean Coffee is Bacon?

Well, if you are a follower of Seattle’s Best, you’ll soon find out that Coffee is Bacon of a sort.  Simply because soon they will be coming out with a Bacon Flavored Coffee.  I’m not making this up people.  See for yourself as Seattle’s Best Jumps On the Bacon Train.

I only learned of this new feat due to my friends over at French Press Authority.  They just launched a new site that is half devoted to the art of making French Press coffee, but also to how to prepare, funny news about coffee and more to come.  They’re pretty new, but they are going to be putting together an e-book on French Press for newbies that haven’t tried the beautiful drink known as French Press.

So, would you try the Bacon Coffee if placed in front of you?


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